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Emerald City Label, Inc., a privately held corporation. We are a committed team of manufacturing engineers, design professionals and print technicians with over 150 years of combined experience.


We focus on the individual needs of our customers – large and small. Our commitment to your success led us to develop a unique product which brands and markets in an innovative and motivating way - never offered before. We believe we will revolutionize the way you ship.


The eCom Label Solution® received full patent protection as the result of 5+ years of research, development and unique proof of concept. U.S. Pat. # 9,361,811 and

U.S. Pat. # 9,959,788.


The eCom Label gives you options to integrate your unique corporate branding with cross and up-sell marketing, invoicing, coupons, return solutions, gift messaging, time-value offers, co-advertising space for revenue stream, and more. Replace in-the-box collateral, direct mail and associated costs, and eliminate costly return of merchandise errors. All this in one, single, ingenious printed piece which engages your customer at that emotional touch point – when your package first reaches your customers hands. It is NOT just a shipping label.


Ted Shanley

President - Founder

Emerald City Label, Inc./eCom Label Solutions®




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