Catullo Prime Meats Case Study

   •  24.6% of customers who placed an order in the first 3 months of using the label  placed another order within 6 months.


   •  The greatest product increase was Prime Ribeye Steaks increasing poundage by 32.6% than the same time last year.


   •  Products highlighted in the label (Filet Mignon, Prime Ribeye, Sirloin Filet) increased sales (by sku) by 19.5% over the last 6 months when compared to the same range a year earlier.


Prime Ribeyes were an interesting case study for us when it came to the labels. They sold at a higher rate in store than online compared to other steaks since the beginning of the online store. After using the labels the most common item on the repeat orders was Prime Ribeyes (15.1% of total price spent). It was the steak featured in the middle of the label. We did no other promotions on that individual item.


The Flat Iron recipe was also a resounding success. We sold many of those steaks to repeat orders. 9.8% of total price spent of repeat orders after Label use bought Flat Irons too. The recipe on the label’s online version got more traffic after the label was introduced. The hyperlink to the flat iron steak on the online recipe version got us more repeat customers during that time period then every other link combined!

“The thought behind eCom Labels is pretty ingenious. The labels allow us to utilize the whole package for branding. Instead of packing info sheets into our box, we can save time and money by just printing our shipping label right on them! No longer does the shipping label become out of place as if it was created by a third party. That area becomes part of our brand and lets our company control the entire package’s look and feel. We don’t do many coupons and had concerns our labels would be ineffective compared to others that incentivized customers to look. To our upmost surprise, the products we featured on the label sold more frequently to repeat customers than the product they just bought! Ted and the eCom Label team have been brilliant partners in making our shipping program a success.”



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