We Offer TWO Label Styles

Test both label styles on your packages for adhesive strength and durability.

Be sure to mimic actual fulfillment conditions to ensure success.

Notch Cut Out - U.S. Pat. #9,361,811

Recommended for: corrugated boxes, bubble envelopes, polybags,

and packages under 30 pounds


PEEL AROUND - U.S. Pat. # 9,959,788

Recommended for: corrugated boxes, bubble envelopes,

and packages over 30 pounds


Label Specifications

• Overall label size is 8.5” x 14” (legal paper size)

   • White semi-gloss label stock; 177-220 gsm

   • Multi-purpose, permanent adhesive

   • Minimum application temperature: 35°F,

Service temperature: -65°F to 200°F

General Guidelines

•  Store your labels in a dry location between 60°F - 75°F.

   •  Only apply to clean, dry, smooth surfaces.

   •  Do not place labels over seams, folds, tape or other labels.

   •  Press entire perimeter of label down firmly.

   •  When using polybags or padded envelopes, adhere the label to the bag/envelope before filling it.


The eCom label has been tested in good faith using the above general guidelines with standard shipping conditions. The tests were conducted on apparel bags and corrugated boxes from a trusted supplier. The eCom Label may not adhere strongly to some recycled corrugated boxes due to the boxes' silicone content and additives such as wax and glue. We are also not responsible for human error during application of labels, weather damages or lost shipments.



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